“These guys are the real deal. We were able to cut our DTV. When we’re home we’re streaming YouTubeTV or Netflix constantly without any worries of how much data we’re using.

“Just recently my husband flipped a breaker to install a ceiling fan. It cut power to our internet antenna, within 10 minutes EZ Wireless was contacting us to help find out why our internet was down… I was able to inform them that it was just because my husband flipped a breaker. But I was impressed of how quickly they contacted us and this was on the weekend! Great speeds, great customer service.”

J. Gillespie

“Hey, EZ Wireless is the real deal! Great service, fast internet, and if you call them a REAL PERSON answers the phone!”

L. Smith

“THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I know our home was a challenge, but somehow y’all made it work! We’re sitting here watching YouTube TV while my son is watching his YouTube videos at the same time with no issues. This is something we could never do before! Ya’ll are the best!”

Candace G.

“Thank you so much for the great internet. You have installed at the church and now for the first time we are able to receive great speed all over the church. WoW! Thanks for also installing at my home. We live in an area that always struggles to get good connection. I also am impressed with how easy it has been to get ahold of your technicians. Thanks again.”

Ranse M.

“Thanks to the inability of Dish and CBS to get along, the Cowboy game was unavailable for Dish customers.Thanks to EZ Wireless, I was able to live stream the entire game with no lag and without worrying about about a data limit.”

Patrick J.

“I give EZ Wireless a BIG thumbs up! Excellent service all the way around!”


“We’ve been looking for a better and faster internet service for the last several years. Living in the country has its benefits, but fast internet. I came across a post on FB advertising a new wireless internet in the Greenville area. The ad actually said they were looking for installers, but i clicked on their page and reached out to them on a PM. They responded within an hour, and a technician and I had spoken on the phone and set up a site visit to see if we were within range of their tower. Tech had a test antenna up on my roof, asap, he spent part of the first day the making sure we had the best possible reception, and by the time I got home the next day, we had a complete install and had speeds up to 8x’s faster than we had with Dish. We were actually able to stream a Netflix movie that evening and my boys were able to play an online game on the PS4 It was really nice to be in the 21st Century. This has been a 100% positive experience for us.”

P. Just

“I wish I had found this business YEARS ago!! We have lived out in the country for years, but had been plagued with S L O W internet. NOT ANY MORE. We’ve been EZ Wireless customers for a couple months now and it has been EXCELLENT!! We are getting 5 to15 times the speed at the SAME price. Good job EZ Wireless Internet!”

Dale M.

“Our internet service had been getting steadily worse of late, to the point that most of the time we couldn’t get online at all. My wife saw EZWireless’ FB ad and that their first review was from our next door neighbor – nuff said! I called Wednesday at noon and our new, blazing fast internet was up and running by Friday! These guys are the real deal, I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Lewis S.

“I can vouch for EZ Wireless! Great service and HIGH speed!”


“So far very pleased with their service thank you 😊 After a 4+ year nightmare with Rise Broadband/Skybeam!”

Dennis W.

“With our previous provider, you just had to hope your service never went down on a weekend, because they were only available during limited hours on weekdays. After several outages that started on a Friday and went through the entire weekend, we started looking for a new provider. EZ Wireless came into the picture about that time, and it’s been amazing. It’s great to have unlimited data, and they work constantly to make sure our service is fast and solid. Every time I ask for help, they’re incredibly responsive. Thanks, EZ Wireless!”

Kevin W.

“EZW is amazing. We can watch Netflix, play online games and stream music simultaneously without lag. And the customer service is better than I’ve ever experienced with just about any company I’ve ever dealt with.”


“It’s the best we have ever had living out in the country!”